Bien Dancer

Ahh, dancing… I finally made it out last night after my busy work week. I’d actually done a bit of planning and bought a liter of both whiskey and gin while I was in Senegal and smuggled them in. (I spent the night in jail with them tucked safely in my bag.) About 10pm I headed over to a hotel where some volunteers were hanging out and watching a fine piece of cinematography starring David Hasselhoff.

I was feeling pretty peppy since I’d not seen anyone for almost a week and I’d not really been normal all through Lent. It messes with your brain when you change a habit. Sometimes I’d say things in French when I meant to speak English. Pretty much all the time when I’d try and speak English on the weekends, I’d keep stopping myself thinking, “no, speak French, oh wait, I can talk English, ok.” That process really broke the flow of my speaking quite a bit and it would take a couple of days before I’d regain normal speech. Even now I’m definitely a lot more aware of how thoughts get shaped into words.

Regardless, I was excited. Unfortunately, David Hasselhoff had sucked most all the energy out of the room. After sitting there bouncing for a bit I started to get calm too. Heureusement, the British girls showed up and they helped pull the energy back up a bit. Then came the shots. Between six of us we drank both liters of alcohol in about half an hour. I wasn’t completely fucked up, but I was definitely a bit riled.

There wasn’t anything to do really, so we headed to the club to do some dancing. I personally think that I dance pretty well. I’m not all stiff and self-conscious like some people. I’ll grant you that I’m not the most coordinated person out there, but I feel the music and I’m having fun. Well, after I’d been out there for a bit I noticed Marc beside me mocking how I danced. I asked one of the Brits if I danced stupid and she responded “we all look like idiots when we dance.” Aka. “yes.” Dammit.

Oh well, I like it too much to stop. It’ll just have to go on that sadly long list of things I like but can’t do well. What’cha gonna do?

We kept going for quite a while. A few more volunteers showed up after a bit and eventually things wound down around 3:30am. It was nice to get out and party again. It had been almost two weeks. ☺ I’m off now for COS conference where I figure out what the hell I’m doing when I get back to the States.

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