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You might remember, long ago I wrote about Lenten disciplines. Well, Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday so Lent is going to start. I am really not looking forward to this. Last year at this time I was all full of piss and vinegar; ready to grab the world by the tail and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket. Now I’m older and wiser (or maybe just lazier). The idea of not talking for forty days depresses me.

For reference, I didn’t speak English during Lent last year. Since I don’t really speak any other languages other than English, I spent pretty much 40 days in silence. It was really good for my French though and I really think it would be a good idea to do again. In the last couple days I’ve been seeing how my vocabulary is getting reasonably good, but my accent is horrible. It is almost completely because I spend lots of time listening in French, but not much talking.

I’m going to temper it this year because I’ve been feeling kinda lonely and depressed in the last couple months. I think spending no time at all talking for the next two months would drive me crazy. So, I’ve modified my schedule a bit:

  • Sunday • This is Catholic Lent, I get Sundays off. I’m not Catholic, but I’m not Christian either, so no use splitting hairs
  • Monday – Thursday • No English. This leaves French as my second best option. That or hiding in my bed and not talking to anyone
  • Friday – Saturday • Conditional reprieve if I do a fast. I did a little fasting during Ramadan and liked how good food tasted when I waited a bit for it

So this way I can get out of the no English bit, but only by doing something reasonably hard. I like the idea. I also have a tendency to eat when I’m nervous or thinking on something and fasting helps me learn to be more aware of my eating. I think this sounds like an interesting exercise.

In other Lent news, I’ve finished my first exercise chart. This is a pretty sad experience really since I started the thing in October and there’s only about fifteen entries on it. I have seen a little bit of progress though. Most importantly, I can do 80kg on the nautilus bench press. Since I weigh about 79kg (which I’ve not weighed since high school), this means I get my dispensation. I can’t do but about 70kg on the free weights, but fuck it, I wanna have the weekend off.

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