day one hundred twenty seven d

I have been hearing tales of problems with IT PCV’s and their publishing. Last night I was talking with a guy in Jamaica ( who is working with their new IT program. We were discussing what is and isn’t safe to put on the web from the PC Washington perspective. (We are both keeping lists of contact info for the volunteers in our countries.)

I mentioned to him Andrew Hecht from Samoa ( and he mentioned to me Jason Pierce from Guyana (only French speaking country in South America) (
Both have been released from their service at least in part because of things they posted on the web. Andrew was actually AS’ed while I have been here and so I talked to him about it while it was going on. Thinks that got him in trouble included:

1. Having the PC logo on his site. (It was in a picture on a cake.)
2. (The attempting of) collecting money relating to his service. (He
had a tip jar on his website. (Which never got any tips.))
3. Revealing volunteers site info in his journal. (And thus
endangering volunteers by allowing bad guys to find them.)

He had some problem with his work though that I think was a big part of it. Jason was pretty much completely about his website. I think that the balance between security, official image and freedom of expression is a hard one to strike.

I’ve been arguing semantics of web publishing frameworks with Matt Estes over the last couple days and access controls are definitely something important for this one. I am assuming at this point that PC Washington is comprised of reasonable individuals with which a balance of concerns can be struck.


P.S. In other news I have some leads on country border data ( to automate my mapping process

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