day one hundred twenty seven c

This is a horrible country for cats. A couple weeks ago there were four volunteers with kittens. One kitten got stepped on, one got in a fight and killed, one was killed by village children and one is still alive. Marc found a group of kittens under a bush near his house and nursed them back from the brink of death feeding them from a syringe. Now they have stopped eating and he is contemplating either letting them waste away or killing them.

If you’d asked me things I’m likely to be doing in Mauritania, killing kittens would never have made the list…

I’d enjoy having a cat, but the young ones have a really high mortality rate and the old ones run at the sight of people. I was planning on taking one of Marc’s when they were a bit bigger, but now it doesn’t look like that’ll be possible.

Maybe once I get settled in I’ll hunt some more and something will turn up. Every day I get a little closer to settled here. Really all that is left is starting cooking and starting teaching. Now if we can just not have a coup after the election that’d be great. =)


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