day one hundred twenty seven b

That was quite an experience… Rhonda had an armoire that was as tall as me and which weighed probably around 150lbs. We couldn’t get it down the stairs, so we threw it off the second story balcony. That was fun. I was really grateful to the driver because it is 97+ outside and he can’t drink water until the end of the day. If it were me I’d be hiding in the air conditioning all day.

There were four pieces there and it would be nice to divvy them up fairly among the volunteers here in town. (You’d think since I’m devoting my time to helping people and stuff that I’d be nice and fair.) As it is I have the bookshelf and armoire, Matt has the bed and Carl has the chest of drawers. Jay is contesting the chest and I fear if he gets it that Carl is coming after my armoire. I’m mostly hoping that everyone will find places and forget about all of it. =) The bookshelf they will have to pry from my cold dead fingers.

At the end I was expressing my thanks to the driver and he told me that in Africa you couldn’t ask for a gift, but if someone offered you one one you couldn’t refuse. =) I wonder what a good gift would be…


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