day one hundred twenty seven a

Things have been busy the last couple days. There is another broken laptop at the university, and I downloaded the tools to try and fix it, but I can’t get it to burn onto a CD. The guy who owns it irritated me too because after one CD didn’t work he wanted me to try and find another. (He bought the first.) For me to pay to fix his laptop is just silly.

I am also trying to get moved out of Rhonda’s before the end of the month. Having a place more centrally located in town is proving very nice. It cuts about half an hour off my travel time each day. Theoretically the PC is going to help me out with a car today, Inshallah.

The election is still keeping pretty busy. Because of Ramadan not a whole lot goes on during the day. When the sun goes down there is a span of about an hour where this place is a ghost town. After a bit though things start to wind back up.

There was a MTV show a while back called “Making the Band” and they would go through the production of a formulaic sort of group; “boy band” or “hip-hop” or whatever. I keep thinking about that show when riding around town for some reason. I think it has something to do with the new Maaouya logo or maybe the new Maaouya (Senegalese) rap song though perhaps it is the thousands of Maaouya posters or the one place that has a laser show for Maaouya on the side of a building. I am just waiting to see kids pulling their Maaouya action figures out of the Maaouya backpacks. Maybe I’ll be able to get a Maaouya burger at the Maaouya Hot. =)

I am appreciating American style democracy a bit more. Money still matters a whole lot, but at least the field is a little more level.


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