day one hundred twenty one a

I haven’t managed to find a copy of it yet and National Geographic’s website isn’t cooperating, but there is supposedly an article on slavery around the world with a full page interview from a Mauritanian in the September issue.

Nothing much else of note here. We went over to Shelah’s last night and hung out and played pictionary. Shelah made some really good food and Racey brought over a big bowl of hummus. Very tasty evening. I got used to gorging myself in Kaédi because we didn’t eat very much and it is a habit I am going to break. I’ve dropped alot of muscle and I’m starting to put on a little fat. I don’t want to be the fat PCV. =)

There are now campaign buildings all over town. Lots of tents with music too. Pretty much all I have seen are four Maaouya and I am curious to see some of his opposition. I have heard people saying that there probably won’t be trouble unless he wins the first round outright. He has to have a simple majority (50% or more). With as many candidates as there are more than likely for him to get it in the first round things would need to be fixed. It is generally expected he will win, but in the runoff.

I’m going to see if I can find some more info on the elections in general. My French actually seems to be regressing in the last month. I have about three tense I use all the time. =) I was with Shelah when she was talking to a guy and he was discussing the interesting nuances that come into play when a largely illiterate (30-40% literacy) population.

As I was walking over here a guy came up to me and invited me to a campaign party for the son of the ex-president (the one ousted by Maaouya 19 years ago). He told me there will be lots of American’s and Israelis there (I only know of two Israelis in the country, the staff of the embassy, but who knows). What they gain by having a party with people who can’t vote is beyond me. Maybe just making connections.


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