day one hundred twenty nine a

I’ve had a couple people let me know that spam was coming in on this list. (I don’t actually get the mail sent to the list since I’ve already read it once.) I thought I had it set so that only people on the list could send to the list, but that wasn’t the case. It is now, so the spams should stop. Sorry about that.

In other news, today is Halloween and there’s a couple parties tonight. Obie (my APCD) is out of town, but he left his keys with Racey and there is supposedly candy there. =) (There is also supposedly beer, but that idea doesn’t excite me as much. Candy tastes good unlike beer.) =)

There is also a party being held by someone we are thinking is related to the Embassy. We don’t have any more information than a flier that someone left over here. Jay called them and their house is about a block from mine, so I figure I’ll check it out if for no other reason than to try and meet another of my neighbors.

Marc and Carl are going to the “dead toubab” stores out in the cinquieme. They’re pretty much like the goodwill back home except nothing resembling modern fashions. I’ve never been really good at the dressing up. Back home Steph usually would figure something out and use me like a big dress-up doll. I figure I should at least try and embrace the spirit though. =)

I’m going to go over to the Gallery Tata (the biggest supermarket in the country, maybe the size of the electronics section in a K-Mart) and see if I can find the stuff to make a recipe I saw on the internet.

There’s a comic called “Cheap Thrills” that once a week does a recipe. This week’s is called “Goblin’s Brew” and it is a Halloween punch.


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