day one hundred twenty four a

The internet is not being cooperative today. I went over to the university and wrote a bit about the elections, but the internet there died and so it is sitting there waiting on me. I walked over this way stopping at various places looking for clothes pins. I left mine on the line at Rhonda’s and someone absconded with them.

I walked over to Capitol this morning and saw them one place, but he wanted 450um for them and they are worth maybe 100um for a set. I got irritated he wasn’t bargaining and walked off. He tried to call me back, but I figured I’d find more and left him. I didn’t find more.

Getting someone’s attention here is done by hissing. This includes stuff like hailing taxis. It actually works pretty well since it is a fairly audible sound, but less obtrusive (and easier to produce) than yelling. It just takes some getting used to hearing it all the time.

So, after ignoring being hissed at I wandered for a bit and found several guys who sell Mauritanian art. I really want to get some stuff to send home, but bargaining with these guys is so draining when I have no idea what an actual good price is.

I’m going to leave here in a bit and try and find some. I have all my clothes other than those on my back sitting in a bucket of water in my tub.

Anyhow, today is the first day of Ramadan. An Islamic day starts at sundown so I guess really “tomorrow” is the beginning of Ramadan. No one was fasting today.

One of our language instructors, Daouda, sent out a little thing on Ramadan and I stuck it on the web at:


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