day one hundred twenty a

Last night Katerie had everyone over for dinner and drinks. It was very nice; in particular there was chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with chocolate cake for desert. I have been pushing for a pig roast when I come back home, but more and more I think I just want to go to grandma’s house for some good southern cooking.

En route to Katerie’s I noticed tents going up. It turns out that the presidential campaign has been forbidden from starting before now. The papers have little articles with lists of people’s names saying “we like Maaouya, we hope he wins.” These are apparently just the precursors.

Last night coming back was a madhouse. There were cars all over the place at midnight and usually everything is cleared out by 10ish. Matt tried to catch a taxi and the best price he could get is 500um. Usually they are 300um (it was early in the morning), but Malick said during the elections people are all out and about and everyone has extra money.

Walking around today I’ve seen maybe a dozen tents. Nothing much seems to be going on in them, but it has been raining and I suppose they are just waiting for it to clear up.

I think the next two weeks are going to be interesting.


P.S. Did I ever mention “twenty” sounds like the word for “vagina” in Hassaniya? Teaching moors to count is entertaining supposedly.

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