day one hundred ninteen a

Well, I had a nice boost today. There is a French fellow here who is in town searching for French Mauritanian literature for his thesis. He has a Linux based laptop that was not working well. I fixed it up for him and got him on the network here.

He was actually pretty lucky. The flag for journaling on his ext3 root filesystem was off and mandrake wouldn’t mount it. The kernel couldn’t find init (of course) and it was panicking. The number of people in this country who know enough about the linux boot process to fix it quickly you could probably count on one hand.

It just made me feel good because there is nothing like the exuberance you get from someone whose computer you have brought back from what they assumed was its death.

Also, at lunch I told my first joke in French. It wasn’t much, but people chuckled and that was more than enough for me. Jay was saying that they don’t like for us to live in Taverak-Zeina because it is too much like home, and I said that it was just San Francisco with goats.

Matt has been hanging out today as well and things are looking like they will be shaping up pretty well. Katerie is having a get together tonight and Matt and I are going to explain to his landlord that we want to trade. Hopefully all of that will go well.


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