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going away party

Hey everyone, I am having a little going away get together before I head off into the desert in June. It will be memorial day weekend out at the lake cabin my dad has been working so hard on.

According to another volunteer I talked to it costs $1000+ to take a trip back from Africa, so this will likely be your last chance to see me for a while.

I have lost touch with alot of people over the years, so if you know anyone that I have ever known feel free to invite them. =) I’m really proud of how the cabin is coming along and I’d like to show it to as many people as possible.

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n: third and denton shirt

I have wanted to make a tee-shirt for the longest time and got an opportunity this year by organizing the people living at third and denton to each design a logo that we combined into a shirt. I’m pretty happy with these logos and like how the shirt came out. I’m thinking it would be fun to do one for a family reunion if there were some way to collect the artwork.

  • Will “Lil’ Ray of Sunshine” Holcomb:
  • Stephanie “Raised on the Dairy” Horne:
  • Wayne “Devil’s Ass” Douglas:
  • Amber “Sleeps with the Fishes” Evans:
  • Brett “Bucket” Holcomb:
  • Jen “Yeah Toast!” Douglas:

The back ended up like this:

We now have our reservations for Key West for next week. Yippie! =) A week of fun in the sun. (For hopefully less than $300, I’ll let you know how we do on that.)

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