re: why commit to anything?

Subj:	why commit to anything?

how can we ever know what is right? this suggests that there is an ethical decision being made, without which no commitment can be made.

Do you think commitments (or anything) can be done without an ethical decision? People have to look at their picture of the world and weight various values and make decisions. I don’t see how you avoid that.

The weighing might not be analytical and it is almost certainly not entirely conscious, but people act out of an understanding of the world.

I guess maybe I am not creating a sufficient distinction between an ethical decision and a normal decision? What is the difference?

so i suppose we can have a pragmatic understanding of what is right, but doesn’t that lessen the commitment?

That true committment is not about the results? And looking to the results as a justification for rightness is making it about the goals?

It is more than pragmatic though. At least in the short term. My statement on it right now is what I was writing about the other day, “choose to live in the sort of world that you want to exist.” It isn’t about the consequences because you don’t try and make things happen. You just live and treat others out of a sense of how things ought to be and the consequences work out or they don’t.

i guess we all have to start somewhere, but who here can really state that they know absolutely what is right, light and love?

I may be simply exercising my god complex some more, but I really don’t think it is that far away. It is dangerous though because the only way you know what is right is that you know it is right. Facts and external things can be used as props at times to explain, but in the end, for me at least, it is an experiential thing.

Humility is a big part of it. Being willing to question if your experience of rightness is true or ego derived. And flexibility. Calling it absolute is misleading because it suggests that it is permanent in some way.

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