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sj/q: stages of faith

At my choir retreat there was a fellow named Paul there. He is a first year seminary student at Duke right now having graduated from Emory and Henry with a religion degree. I asked him lots of philosophical questions and hearing his answers helped shift some of my thinking.

I have some models of mature Christianity, like Father Don and Deanna. People who are actively in a religious tradition and finding meaning there. Paul is not that far along; he knows Fowler and placed himself at working on Postcritial stuff. Talking to him gave me some data points about what the steps are like toward being able to express mature faith in a Christian context.

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re: Allegiance Etc.

I was trying to clarify that secular as I often hear it used means devoid of God or god or Vishnu or … and that phrasing does not mean it is non-religious in the broad context of religion as faith in creeds. Whlie it can and surely will be that religion orbits around a deity, I submit that postulates about reality involving a deity require no more or less faith than those which do not.

Virtually every system of thought has very fundamental beliefs which you abide by while in that system. Simply because science doesn’t mention God, god, or supreme power doesn’t mean it isn’t a religion.

So you’re defining anything that has fundamental principles as a religion? This is a very large stretch that really makes the word “religion” less meaningful.

(See above) I worry about science particuarly, because while it predicts the world around me very well, I don’t think it should be taught as yeilding absolute truth because it doesn’t. Unfortunately that is the way in which it is being taught, and I argue that it is equivalent to teach someone that science has all the right answers or the Bible or Upinishads. Science particuarly makes the assumption that either God doesn’t exist, or it doesn’t interfere with our universe, which I consider a religious statement.

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