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Got this just a little bit ago. Thought it was interesting.

Subj: Bartoo 106 Theft: The Sequel

As you may have heard by now, sale Bartoo 106 was hit again last night (April 18), viagra just about three weeks after the first theft.

This time, rx thieves took the 256MB DIMM out of 21 machines, the 128MB DIMM out of 20 machines, and the hard drives out of 13 machines. They also helped themselves to seven of our iBooks in one of the mobile carts. They entered through the window in the corner of the production lab just above the printers, bending the security bars to slide underneath. They also pushed the security cables that we just installed on each machine in then used a screwdriver to force open the cases, gouging several of them and cracking at least one. The last theft cost us approximately $2,000; this one will be much closer to $15,000.

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