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From:	clp 15-MAR-2002 17:37
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isn’t it true that we also tend to dehumanize people we really like as well?

That’s actually most of what Loewen is talking about thusfar, the so called “heroification” of historical figures. Removing their blemishes so as to fit more easily with simpler concept structures and to put them up as good role models.

The process, he argues, comes at the cost of boring unrealistic people that are unattainable goals and help support ways of thinking unable of dealing with the complexity of modern life.

My general take on the whole issue is pretty well summed up by Thich in Being Peace when he says, “Understanding and love are not two things, but just one… To develop understanding, you have to practice looking at all living beings with eyes of compassion. When you understand, you love. And when you love, you natually act in a way that can relieve the suffering of people.”

It is easy to say that he is overly idealistic and that he doesn’t understand the harshness of the situation. His order though works directly with real war continually. I am sitting here safe in a warm home 10,000 miles away from where bombs are dropping on people don’t really understand the harhness of the situation.

I think in the end going with the truth is the best plan. Things might work out better one way or the other in the short term, but nothing is stronger than its foundation. That means we cannot understand people to be devils or angels and expect actions based on that understanding to work out in the long run.

Perhaps the only real wisdom that I have learned so far in “things change” and “people are people; always.”

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