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j: working for peace

Something that I am really seeing clearly in reading this is the depths to which I am jaded. I think that his focus on the universiality of humanity is important in a pragmatic way only when accompanied with a belief in some sort of universal goodness and a drive to change.

I have believed in a universal goodness for a while. I saw the sorts of things that I did with my life, good and bad, and in talking to other people about the things that they did 99% of the time they were justified in their mind to do it. I don’t think that I am fundamentally a bad person so I see no reason to think that other people are.

Suffering does exist though and real suffering. People being dehumanized both to themselves and others. I don’t think that the world has to be this way and I have grappled for a while about why it is this way. I don’t think people change very much. I don’t think that I have changed very much; not really. How I express myself has changed, but not who I am really. I look at the people I have known since I came to college and they are still very much the same peopel that they were when I met them.

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S’s dad

I am getting sketchy information in, but S’s dad is in the hospital. She is with him on the third floor ICU. Brett talked to her on the phone and said that he is being prepared to go into surgery after what appears to have been a heart attack.

I do not know any of the rules about the ICU, but I assume that other than family people are not allowed in.

I am sure that S and her family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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q: service

This is just a quick little question out of a conversation that Wayne and I were having that S and I have been continuing.

“No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.” -Booker T. Washington

I remember from Henry’s philosophy class talking about Marxism and part of the problem with having functional Marxist societies is that no one wants to do the menial boring jobs. Far too few people enjoy cleaning toilets to get all the toilets cleaned. It is only capitalism and the threat of starvation (or at least more discomfort than the cleaning of a toilet) that gets the toilets cleaned.

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Mensa question for 2002/02/08

The names of two colors are hidden in the sentence below. Can you find them? (The letters are in consecutive order.) They are definitely not an odd couple.

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I accidentally and unknowingly deleted the program that does the daily calendars. It took me a day to notice, pills but it has been rewritten and things should return to normal.

Sorry for the disruption.


P.S. Some of the calendar entries occassionally contain graphics. Because of how the calendar system works it is not possible to easily include those images in the messages. I apologize for the inconvenince.

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