book group

I am interested in doing a book group with intriguing science fiction short stories. Lots of little classics like Harrison Burgeron, Flowers for Algernon, etc. We ought to do about one a week and the reading load will be pretty light. The main focuses for the group I would like to be discussion and having fun. It will hopefully get into some descently serious topics, but I am not looking for soul-wrenching every week. =)

I will peruse my library and see what I can come up with.

Anyone have any suggestions for stories? I have a couple more in mind that I can’t think of the names of. Rachel in Love is one and Mimsy were the Borogoves if I can find it. I really liked Hardfought when I read it though I don’t remember why. =) Something by Bradbury too; anyone else have suggestions?

If anyone else is interested in taking part and helping out I’d be more than happy to have some company. I think this will be a good way to cover a variety of disciplines.

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