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for: asg-cc: giveaway

I am chair of the computer committee this year and we are doing something that they did last year taking comptuers from Tech’s surplus and loaning them to students. I am getting it ramped up and I am just liking how it is going. I am doing a good job of staying on top of things I think and giving people chances to get involved. (How much they are actually getting involved is a different matter and something to journal on sometime.)

This message is just to show off a little and see if anyone at Tech is free on Monday from 2-3 to help with getting the stuff out. We are going to meet up in the lounge at 2 and go over.

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ASG-CC: computers for students without

The ASG Computer Committee is once again going into Tech’s surplus to provide computers for students who aren’t able to afford one. This message is just to test the waters and see what the interest is like so we can plan for how much we should try to do.

These computers are coming out of surplus, which means they have been passed on by the rest of the campus, so they will be far from speed machines. You won’t be doing any CAD or Quake on these machines, but you will be able to check your e-mail and write papers and such. Because they are Tennessee Tech property they must remain on campus and are only available to students who are living in the dorms. Also you will have to give them back eventually.

This opportunity is not just available to ASG members, so if you know anyone who you think needs a computer but can’t afford one feel free to let them know about this.

So if you are interested, please contact me and let me know.

Will Holcomb

ASG Computer Committee Chair

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q: roles

I have something I am wanting to research some for my nchc stuff and I don’t know quite what the question is that I am trying to ask and so finding information on it is challenging.

My presentation is going to be on gender and gender roles and the origins of those roles; be they societal or genetic. I am going to start in with the postmodernism stuff and talk about how roles have been gaining flexibility in the last 50 years and how that is influencing our society. Then I want to lead into Bloom and Perry/Kohlberg some and talk about moral reasoning and mature action in an environment of lessened societal pressure.

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q: teaching story

I can’t remember this story exactly but I read it somewhere a while back and it comes to my mind every so often:

“Three brothers are given a bag of candy by their mother and told to share it. They leave with it and soon fall into bickering about who is going to get what. The town’s holy man hears them fighting and walks over to intervene. He asks for the candy and then offers, “would you like this divided man’s way or God’s way?” Intrigued by the prospect of having their candy divided God’s way they ask for that. He takes the candy and gives 3/4 of it to one child, the remaining 1/4 to another and nothing to the third. They protested that it wasn’t fair to divide it unequally to which the holy man simply relied that they had asked for God’s way and not man’s.”

This story makes me very sad because I want for things to be fair and even, but they aren’t. I want for people to have opportunities and to be happy. I don’t like thinking about the people born to poverty and hatred and who never have a chance to enjoy freedom in their life. Things just aren’t fair.

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j: terrorism

I first heard about what was going on in class when someone came in and told us that a plane had crashed into one of the trade towers. At that point it seemed pretty small and inconsequential. Like some small private jet took out part of a floor or two. Some people probably died, but no huge destruction.

Later at my helpdesk shift I talked to I some and found out that there had been another and that it was no small plane. That there had been another plane hit the Pentagon. That these were acts of terrorism and that huge amounts of people were dying.

I remember how I felt during Oklahoma City and this was very different. Perhaps because this went on for so long that there was a chance to take part in the suffering of these people as it was happening. With Oklahoma City once I heard about it the damage was already done; it was already history in a way. This was something I lived through though. I knew as I was sitting there reading about it that people were burning alive.

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j: work

“In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: they must be fit for it; they must not do too much of it; and they must have a sense of success in it.” -John Ruskin, author, art critic, and social reformer (1819-1900)

It seems, however, that something else is required, at least for mentor folk. Perhaps it is believing in the *worth* of the work.

This is pertinent to something I was thinking about last night. It is a conglomeration of alot of things and I don’t think I can make it all make sense at once, but I’ll cover a little.

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