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n: on the files

Well, the powers that be take issue and I am at a loss. Honestly I don’t know the reason but am too busy to argue the point right now. Never being especially big on making decisions about the information that other people have access to I don’t like pulling it, especially since the books are now out of print so the issues of copyright are signifigantly diminished, but like I said it is a fight I am too busy to take up right now.

Anyhow, I suppose as a recompense you could check out AllYourBase.swf in the main or maybe lowest_rated_springer_show.txt in the text directory or maybe and see what my graphics design skills were like in high school. =)

Anyone have any thoughts on the moral high ground here? I would say gather more information.

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n: on dieting

As someone who was at one time very interested in my weight, both from a neurotic standpoint and as a wrestler from a performance standpoint I wanted to point out the importance of not being overly concerned with weight. My weight would always go up at the beginning of the season whenever I would start lifting. It would even go up some when starting cross-country when I wasn’t doing any lifting at all.

In the same vein I am hanging at about 175 right now or even dropping some but I have not been working out and I am putting on some fat.

The way to go is body composition which will tell you the percentage of your body that is fat and that is muscle. You can get it done for free in the health promotions office of the fitness center.

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