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neat link

In my neverending pursuit of avoiding evil java robots I was wandering the web and I found a really neat java applet at

If you have ever seen a Sierpinski fractal triangle this shows how to make one.

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dj: today

I feel really bad today. I have been putting in lots and lots of time working on different projects and I don’t feel like my work is being recognized or supported.

The thing is that I wish I didn’t care if anyone else cared about what I am doing but I do. No, that’s part of it but not what is really getting to me. I think that I am upset because of power. I want for the energy that I am devoting to this to empower me and give me a higher standing in the Honors elite and I don’t feel like it is. I don’t want to be a lackey.

Currently Honorswise I am finishing up major revisions to the Computer Chapter, rewriting a whole slew of programs for the incoming freshmen, trying to get the webboard organized for the fall, trying to organize a subdomain so we can set up a webserver and put the HPEO stuff online.

I just feel like I am putting a whole lot of my time and energy into this and I want to have a part in the decision making process. It’s been bothering me a bit over the last couple of days that I think I’m taking on too much by myself but I don’t know how else to do it.

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name poll

I have been working on the computer chapter for the honors handbook and I have come to a bit where I need the name of the webboard for the freshmen. Anybody have any smash-up webboard names; Honors is already taken of course. Should we just stick with Arete? Anybody? I figured with all you creative folks we could come up with something interesting. =)

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j: spring cleaning

I don’t have anything really specific to write about. It has just been a while since I did any writing and I feel like there’s a bit of clutter in my head that I ought to clear out.

I guess I’ll start with the things that I have been up to as of late. Hmm, what would those be?

Well, this morning I have been working on a project that T and I worked on last semester which is a three dimensional simulation of a robotic arm. Over the last four or five days I have been slowly working my way through a learning ceiling. I got really dissatisfied with my work for a bit and it didn’t seem like what I was doing was very productive at all. So I didn’t do anything for about three days. I played games and worked on the computer chapter for the handbook and (neatest of all) I got my brother to buy bunches of computer parts.

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cat story for the day

I must say that there is a certain absurd quality that is added to my life by living with the cats that I do. One of them is a big orange tabby named Bryn Mayr (after a college of the same name, though at the time of his naming the fact that Bryn Mayr is a college was unknown.) =) Bryn is a very affectionate creature who will ofttimes a=come and plop his semi-plump body down in your lap while you watch TV. Amoung his many eccentricities, and perhaps one of the oddest, is his penchant for drooling.

Have you ever known a cat to drool? I hadn’t to this point but Bryn Mawr is one of those rare felines without full control of his salivatory faculties. =)

So the normally theraputic quality of petting a cat (supposedly good for lowering your blood pressure) is balanced with Bryn becasue of how your blood pressure raises with distress when once he leaves you find the spot that he vacated occupied by a pool of kitty drool. =)

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gross story for the day

There is in my house many different type of cat toys which lie strewn about the floor. Among these are balls of yarn which the cats chase, ampoule pounce, stalk, and apparently consume. There is no sight quite like seeing a cat meander by, trailing two inches of pink yarn out of his butt.

I thought about giving him a hand with it, but ewww. I decided to let nature take its course instead.

My fortune for the day, fittingly enough was:

  To err is human,
To purr feline.
-- Robert Byrne

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Sorry for the late notice but according to my records today is Wayne’s birthday, that would make him 21 methinks.

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