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Here’s the info on the latest book that I am reading. Seems to be interesting so far. I have said for a while that there are deep philosophical ramifications for Kohlberg to claim a moral standard that transcends culture-specificity. His first essay (which is the only one not written specifically for this book) recognizes that and talks about it. It is really neat to hear him discuss the different philosophical stances in terms of his model.

Moral Development, Moral Education, and Kohlberg: Basic Issues in Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, and Education. Edited by Brenda Munsey. Published by Religious Education Press; 1980.

  1. Part I: Introduction:

    1. Multidisciplinary Interest in Moral Development and Moral Education — Brenda Munsey
  2. Part II: Kohlberg in Moral Development and Moral Education

    1. Stages of Moral Development as a basis for Moral Education — Lawrence Kohlberg
  3. Part III: Basic Issues in the Psychology of Moral Development

    1. Development Psychology and Value Education — James Rest
    2. Moral Stages and the Development of Faith — James Fowler
    3. Cognitive-Development Theory of Moral Development: Metaethical Issues — Brenda Munsey
  4. Part IV: Basic Issues in Moral Philosophy

    1. The Rawls Connection — Dwight Boyd
    2. Philosophical Difficulties and “Moral Development” — John Wilson
    3. Moral Dilemmas and Their Treatment — Bernard Rosen
  5. Part V: Basic Issues in Religion and Religious Education

    1. Morality, Religion, and Kohlberg’s Theory — Ernest Wallwork
    2. Jewish Education and Moral Development — Barry Chazan
    3. Christian Religious Education and Moral Development — James Michael Lee
  6. Part VI: Basic Issues in Moral Education

    1. Kohlberg in the Classroom: Moral Education Models — Linda Rosenzweig
    2. A Look at the Kohlberg Curriculum Framework for Moral Education — James B. Macdonald
    3. Moral Education: The Formalist Tradition and the Deweyan Alternative — Israela Ettenberg Aron
  7. Part VII: Postscript: Updating Kohlberg’s Positions and Response to the Issues

    1. Kohlbergian Forms and Deweyan Acts: A Response — Bill Puka
    2. Educating for a Just Society: A Updated ad Revised Statement — Lawrence Kohlberg

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