q: women

When father Don came to visit he was talking about speaking and not remembering what he was saying after he had been talking. You said that this related in some way to flow if my memory serves.

While I was at home I went out with this girl and a couple of times during the evening I would look at the clock and be surprised at how much time had passed. It happens on the rare occasions that I am around her that I lose time. It seems as though hours literally pass as minutes. One time I was with her for 8 hours and I would have sworn that it was less than an hour for all I could remember.

I really like this girl and I fear that I am constructing things to make our relationship seem more special than it is. I can’t tell if these things happen all over the place and I am just choosing to see them here or if this is something that is really special. I will say that for as long as I have known this girl, being around her makes me feel unlike anything that I have experienced elsewhere.

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