I went by McKay’s yesterday on my way back from Cookeville (and on my to the Dave Matthews concert; Dave Matthews is cool.) I picked up a book called Moral Development, Moral Education, and Kohlberg thus far I’ve read the preface and it looks like it’ll be interesting.

Interesting things learned thus far; Kohlberg as part of his research set up guidelines for moral education to be conducted socially, like in schools and what not, and when he first set them up he said we ought to teach towards K6, then after some time he said that ‘Well, hardly anybody out here in the real world seems to be getting to K6 so we’ll teach to K5.’ And at the time of the printing of this book 1980 it was down to K4. =)

This book is a series of essays in part presented to show flaws in Kohlberg’s moral education scheme. There is however at the end a reply by Kohlberg who got to read all of this and then speak on it. I think that one of the most interesting articles will be one by James Fowler which compares his model of faith development to Kohlberg’s moral model.

The book uses lots of big words though, here is a sentence that took a dictionary to understand and I’m still not sure I have it: =) “I argue that developmental psychology’s study of moral judgement would be better served if its paradigm incorporated pragmatic, rather than formalistic, epistemological criteria in interpreting the greater adequacy of emergent cognitive structures.” (I didn’t know what exactly epistemological meant.)

Anyhow, that’s what I’m up to. Hope that everyone’s having fun.

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