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neat story

I’ve been reading a set of SciFi short stories written by women. It is the second in a set, the first being a book that I bought in Baton Rouge which contains stories from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, and this one, purchased in Chicago, being stories from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

Anyhow, the story that I just finished is called “At the Rialto” by A Willis. It details a conference of quantum physicists in Hollywood, California. Interspersed throughout the story are excerpts supposedly taken from the actual conference. I do not think that they are fictitious, though I may be mistaken. Regardless the way that the author was writing about quantum physics indicates that she does know a good deal about quantum physics. She kept cracking quantum physics jokes which I only had enough knowledge of the field to understand a little of.

What really struck me about the story is the way that she was dealing with modes of thinking. The story starts with a quote supposedly from the conference.

“Seriousness of mind was a prerequisite for understanding Newtonian physics. I am not convinced it is not a handicap in understanding quantum theory.”

-Excerpt from Dr. Gedanken’s keynote address to the 1989 International Congress of Quantum Physicists Annual Meeting, Hollywood, California

The narrator is a fairly strict rationalist and through the development of the story experiences and especially the influence of another character shift her thinking into a different paradigm. I liked the way that the author captured the shift.

Has anyone ever read a story called “Rachel In Love” by Pat Murphy? I thought that it was cool too.

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bq: William Perry

This section from Perry essay was helpful for me in understanding what it was exactly that he was talking about. The main reason I am sending this out is the defining of his terms that he does with Multiplicity and especially Relativism. It is nice when someone is modeling reality to have an actual grasp of what it is that they are supposedly modeling. =)

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re: status

I am doing ok. I am a depressed some. I don’t really feel sad most of the time. I just don’t like being around people very much and I feel stifled. I am putting lots of time into classes. Programming has always been a thing that I could do to distract myself for long periods of time. Conveniently enough I can now combine my escape and my classes. I am learning a new programming language for two of my classes and I spend my time doing that.

Conveniently enough God sent me virtual flowers over the internet today. I reckon that ought to cheer me up some. =) He’s got pretty good timing.

As for doing Heroes I am not sure. My group meets tonight and we’ll talk some about it. As of right now our primary attending membership seems to be S, Kristin, David, and myself. Due to a conflict with the meeting for the SEE class we have managed to thus far this semester only meet once, so perhaps we will have some new faces. I hear tales though that Matt and Josh have found their niche within the religious organizations and I am not optimistic on the chances of their return.

That’s where things stand. We could meet though I don’t have much more of interest to say. I have been doing a little thinking and I am changing my ideas some, but nothing spectacular or remarkable.

L came up this weekend and being around him and D reminded me of how I would like to have an outlet for intimacy needs. It also brought into focus my dissatisfaction with the girls that I know. None of them are really attractive to me romantically. That is saying much though because I know remarkably few women right now since I spend so much time working on school and stuff.

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sj: intelligence

I have never been able to spell intelligence. I misspelled it in the subject of this journal. I knew that I was misspelling it. I didn’t know how to spell it correctly though.

Actually it is right now because the vax ate my first attempt at this message and I recovered the buffer and sent it again.

My concept of my intelligence has always been an important part of my self-concept. Ever since I was little I have been told that I am smart and that I have the capacity to all kinds of wonderous things. I have tried very hard over the years to protect that picture of myself through both conscious and unconscious manipulation. I want to be smart.

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