re: intuitive dodges

This is in relation to the conversation that was sparked by T’s journal on the importance of detail.

I was thinking about this a little while back because I am fairly SJ when I am being philosophical and I like to have reasons backing up what I am dealing with.

I kept getting frustrated because with several people I kept getting the answer, “its just intuitive,” and I did not know what to do with it. I did not know what an intuitives mind worked like so I did not know what credence to give to that statement. I have never used it much and I have never really had a reason to, so I thought that maybe the person was doing some process that I was unaware of.

I did notice though that I would get the statement “it is just intuitive” alot when I was stating to make the person uncomfortable or when I was going up to the edge of where they had already though too.

On the whole it would grind any conversation to a halt because there was nothing to build on with that statement. It is the same as saying “just because” (it always annoyed the hell out of me when my parents would say that) =) or just proclaiming “fiat.”

I think that there is a distinction to be made between something being non-rational and something being intuitive. Wayne was crossing the two over when he was saying that something’s are not expressible through words, that is true, yes, that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with intuition per se.

This is a point that I am trying to make in my ethics paper (may it burn in hell.) =) Why do I believe that it is better to love than to hate? Why is it better to live than to die? I cannot validate my choice of values rationally; my capacity to discern qualitative differences in values is something internal. My choice of values is based upon feeling, that is the only way that it can be; there is nothing external to myself which dictates that any values is greater or lesser than any other.

So, there will always come a point if you ask the question “why?” enough times where you are either running in circles or come to a fiat. At least if you are looking at motivation, actually this is also true for any rational system because all rational systems are based upon axioms that are true “just because.”

With something cognitive however, I think that the answer “it is just intuitive” is usually a cop out. Perhaps that is just my SJ bias coming out, but does awareness and mindfulness mean conscious awareness?

Also in motivational cases, it is very easy to say that “I just feel this way” and not examine the reasons underlying a feeling. It is true that systems are axiomatic and the value is non-rational, so it is impossible to come up with any universally right answers, but at the same time there is value in looking really hard.

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