vocabulary for RLT

Since there are going to be but two meetings of the book groups before we leave for Christmas break, prostate S and I were thinking about spending those meetings introducing the people in our group to some concepts that it would be advantageous for them to know for the discussion of RLT. This will hopefully give them a common vocabulary to discuss the ideas with as well as avoinding the case of doing a couple of sections and then having those isolated from the rest of the book by a months worth of time to forget.

I was talking to E about this last night and his opinion was that it teaching certain concept structures we run the risk of damaging the freshman for future work that they might do. I have difficulty understanding how this works, store other than the possibility that we would teach something incorrectly and they would have a fallacious concept of how some of these things work.

He was also talking about binding trust to a teacher and what I think that he was saying was that when you as a teacher reveal certain things to the students that they bond to you as an authority and that bonding process allows you to further the students work.

Again, I did not quite understand what he was describing.

My question to you is, do you understand what he is talking about? If so is there any information that you would like avoided? E did not think that anything from the LT work should be mentioned. I think that the concept of how self-esteem exists within the persona and how its exisence is expressed and affected would be hT information for the people in the group to know what discussing Peck. Especially in relation to neurosis, character-disorders, and lack of love because all of those seem most of the time to have a basis in low self-esteem or at least a misunderstanding of reality.

Avoiding the LT stuff is fairly easy though. The same concept structre roughly is presented in the Brandon book and I could just pull it from there. The idea of avoiding giving them certain ideas still stands though. What if any things would you like avoided? What if any things do you think ought to be focused on?

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