response to the Edward Abbey quote from W

W sent me this reply to the quote that I sent out this morning and it was a perspective that I had not thought of. I thought that it was really cool and that I would share. =)

I have a confidentiality question because it occurred to me as I was sending this that the idea of forwarding someone else’s message to the whole group without asking them is making them talk to the entire group without their consent, and oftentimes the practice has been associated with breaches of confidentiality.

Is the best practice to set up the axiomatic statement “you do not sent other people’s stuff out to the whole group without their express consent?” It would remove the possibility of something getting sent out that someone did not want sent to everyone. Is it necessary to create that level of safety for people to be comfortable doing their work? Should we be willing to share whatever we are going trough with other people? How many secrets should we keep? Are there mature motivations for keeping secrets? Ought I to be sending this out seeing as it is not mine? In alot of mentor stuff there are expressed and unexpressed caveats (caveat — a warning enjoining one from certain acts or practices; from Merriam Webster Online) (enjoin — forbid, prohibit; from the same place) which come across as axiomatic expressions. Where does the creation of such axioms fall in Perry and what-not? I know that Fowler 4 has them. Is there such a fixity of things in Relativism? Are we capable of trusting each other if we know that we are not bound by some authority to be there? Would we be as trusting if we considered it to be a realistic possibility that the people who we were interacting with would not follow the caveats? Why do we follow the caveats? Do we follow the caveats? What are they anyhow? How much ought we to listen to other people and what they think? You do it too much and they’re an external authority, aren’t they? You don’t do it enough and you lose lots of valuable information.

Doggone it, I just liked W’s response and I though that you all might like it to. I wasn’t looking to muck about in this stuff. Ah well, I reckon you can figure out what I decided seeing as I sent this. =)

That’s why cancer cells are so hard to destroy 🙂

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