re: quirky question

I think that I would disagree with C’s definition of process or at least say that when I have been using the term as of late I have not been referring to the recognizability of a pattern within a trait, but rather the mutability of that trait.

For me the question comes down to whether or not there are any absolutes. As of late it seems like most everything that I am building my life on has a limited warranty. I cannot think of much of anything that I have certainty that it will be around in a year. For a while I was tied to the discovery process and thought that what has been the general mentor way of thinking for me, (searching perhaps?) was a constant driving the process, but that has been trailing off as of late.

I cannot think of much of anything that I hold as immutable as of late (aka. not in process.) It seems like almost everything falls apart at one time or another. Truth more often than most, maybe because I look at it so much.

I would ask C to maybe write some more on his second paragraph. It sounded very intriguing, but honestly it went right over my head.

What life really comes down to I think is understanding which processes you use and which processes you suppress. What we normally call growth is really a process of interpretive shifts along several axes (moral, ontological, metaphysical, personal relationships, and self-definition, etc.).

How are you defining process H? Does it have to do with seeing a pattern? Does it operate by shifting between states? That would be my greatest challenge to what I just said, I am describing process as being a changing between a set of states which though not desperate are discrete to some extent. It’s kinda like picking out two points on a gray scale, they are separated, but they aren’t.

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