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I wanted to give you a little bit of information on M. He just came and found me and was telling me the story that took place at the end of the four quartets workshop.

I will try to recapture what he said as accurately as possible because I would like to know the validity of it. From what he was saying through the course of the four quartets workshop he was seeing alot of the description of the wisdom path both through Eliot and through what you were saying and he has been floating around the outside of it for a while.

From what he said he came up to you at the end of the workshop and was recalling to you the story of the three rabbis and he said to you that he was interested in having you as a teacher.

His perception of your reaction was very negative. He said that you implied “you are not invited.”

His remembrance of the actual event was very fuzzy and non-specific. He didn’t remember exactly what he said or what your response was. Basically what is seems like to me is that he knows that mentor is going on in some incarnation and he thinks that it is like a club with membership. His first question to me when he walked up to me was “what is mentor?” He has asked that several times and each time I tell him that I am not certain and I emphasize the fact that I consider the defining criteria of my involvement in whatever there might be to be the writing that I do and the thinking. Then I ask him if he thinks that he is involved which he doesn’t.

He thinks that I am deceiving him. I can certainly understand why. The extensive vocabulary that is learned by involvement in mentor makes it sound as though huge amounts of time are spent together, and really there is huge amounts of “mentor” time going on, but you personally have no involvement in 99% of it. We do it on our own socially.

Where he is today is a combination of “I didn’t want to be a part of it anyhow” and “I am going to do what I am going to do and if A wants to help me that’s ok, if not then not.”

He was going into a Perry 4b progression of I am going to think in these complicated ways because these complicated ways of thinking are advocated by the authorities. He was adjusting to this relativistic way of thinking is the right way to think.

He sounds like he is pulling back from that. It was rather tentative in the first place. He actually said the other day that the Bible was perhaps not infallible and I was surprised.

I asked him how much he had written to you in the last year and he said once. I also asked him how he thought that he would have reacted a year ago to the things that he perceives about the wisdom path in general, and he said probably not well. I asked him if part of the reaction that he perceived might not be a product of the fact that he has not given you much information about how he has changed, and he considered it some.

Has your concept of M changed much? I am not advocating one way or the other. In my opinion he is looser than he was a year ago; alot, but he is by no means very open to change.

Also I know from what E sent out today that you broke your bridge again on Sunday, though I know not when. I didn’t know if that pain might have interfered with what was going on.

Actually for that matter I don’t know that you weren’t entirely conscious of where he was coming from and the repercussions of your actions. Just in case I wanted to let you know a bit of what was going on out here.

Also, I wanted to know about him and book groups. I know that I recommended him for a group and his name was on the first minnow.dis, but after revision it was gone. I didn’t notice this until he came to me asking about what these book group things that he had been hearing about were. Why was he taken out of the list? I am really curious here because I am spending alot of time with the guy talking about stuff and I do not perceive what would set him apart to be removed. He seems pretty normal to me, there is alot of ego, sure, and the ties to religion are not very well examined; like I said normal. The way that things are going connotes a difference in perception and I don’t understand why.

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