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lj: bits and pieces and a bit of theology =)

I am wanting to write some. I do not have a real emotional backing to write, at least not anything that is easily identifiable as emotional.

I reckon that’s a good place to start.

About a month ago I “gave up on women.” I looked around at the girls who I knew and I decided that there was no-one around who I thought had the capacity to understand where I was coming from or who had the desire to learn. I decided that it was not realistic that I was going to find myself in a deep relationship with a girl anytime in the foreseeable future.

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n: m

I wanted to give you a little bit of information on M. He just came and found me and was telling me the story that took place at the end of the four quartets workshop.

I will try to recapture what he said as accurately as possible because I would like to know the validity of it. From what he was saying through the course of the four quartets workshop he was seeing alot of the description of the wisdom path both through Eliot and through what you were saying and he has been floating around the outside of it for a while.

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response to the Edward Abbey quote from W

W sent me this reply to the quote that I sent out this morning and it was a perspective that I had not thought of. I thought that it was really cool and that I would share. =)

I have a confidentiality question because it occurred to me as I was sending this that the idea of forwarding someone else’s message to the whole group without asking them is making them talk to the entire group without their consent, and oftentimes the practice has been associated with breaches of confidentiality.

Is the best practice to set up the axiomatic statement “you do not sent other people’s stuff out to the whole group without their express consent?” It would remove the possibility of something getting sent out that someone did not want sent to everyone. Is it necessary to create that level of safety for people to be comfortable doing their work? Should we be willing to share whatever we are going trough with other people? How many secrets should we keep? Are there mature motivations for keeping secrets? Ought I to be sending this out seeing as it is not mine? In alot of mentor stuff there are expressed and unexpressed caveats (caveat — a warning enjoining one from certain acts or practices; from Merriam Webster Online) (enjoin — forbid, prohibit; from the same place) which come across as axiomatic expressions. Where does the creation of such axioms fall in Perry and what-not? I know that Fowler 4 has them. Is there such a fixity of things in Relativism? Are we capable of trusting each other if we know that we are not bound by some authority to be there? Would we be as trusting if we considered it to be a realistic possibility that the people who we were interacting with would not follow the caveats? Why do we follow the caveats? Do we follow the caveats? What are they anyhow? How much ought we to listen to other people and what they think? You do it too much and they’re an external authority, aren’t they? You don’t do it enough and you lose lots of valuable information.

Doggone it, I just liked W’s response and I though that you all might like it to. I wasn’t looking to muck about in this stuff. Ah well, I reckon you can figure out what I decided seeing as I sent this. =)

That’s why cancer cells are so hard to destroy 🙂

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Edwars Abbey quote

I got a message and this was the .sig line:

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

– Edward Abbey

Anyone incensed. =)

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vocabulary for RLT

Since there are going to be but two meetings of the book groups before we leave for Christmas break, prostate S and I were thinking about spending those meetings introducing the people in our group to some concepts that it would be advantageous for them to know for the discussion of RLT. This will hopefully give them a common vocabulary to discuss the ideas with as well as avoinding the case of doing a couple of sections and then having those isolated from the rest of the book by a months worth of time to forget.

I was talking to E about this last night and his opinion was that it teaching certain concept structures we run the risk of damaging the freshman for future work that they might do. I have difficulty understanding how this works, store other than the possibility that we would teach something incorrectly and they would have a fallacious concept of how some of these things work.

He was also talking about binding trust to a teacher and what I think that he was saying was that when you as a teacher reveal certain things to the students that they bond to you as an authority and that bonding process allows you to further the students work.

Again, I did not quite understand what he was describing.

My question to you is, do you understand what he is talking about? If so is there any information that you would like avoided? E did not think that anything from the LT work should be mentioned. I think that the concept of how self-esteem exists within the persona and how its exisence is expressed and affected would be hT information for the people in the group to know what discussing Peck. Especially in relation to neurosis, character-disorders, and lack of love because all of those seem most of the time to have a basis in low self-esteem or at least a misunderstanding of reality.

Avoiding the LT stuff is fairly easy though. The same concept structre roughly is presented in the Brandon book and I could just pull it from there. The idea of avoiding giving them certain ideas still stands though. What if any things would you like avoided? What if any things do you think ought to be focused on?

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letter to m

This is a letter to M spawned from a note that he sent to me telling me that he was going out with L this weekend.

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j: miscelaneous thoughts on lying and stuff

Hmmm, I am very confused as of late. My head feels as though it is full of static and I am wanting to clear it out some. I have tried pushing into whatever is going on some and I can’t seem to find much of anything that has any real substance. Perhaps this journal will simply be me spinning my wheels for a while, perhaps I will actually get something ironed out. I can’t tell right now.

I can feel a general despair right now as I consider trying to write about this. I do not think that I can say anything of value. I’m just really confused about what is going on in my life. I can’t tell if I like how I am living or not. I can’t tell if I want to change and if I do what I would change.

I guess I will start with what has been the biggest question for me. I am wondering if I have the passion necessary to take me any farther along the wisdom path. I have always had something that was driving me to be more and to see more. That is what I call passion. I had drive and as of late I feel that drive slipping through my fingers like so much sand. I do not like the picture of my life that is slowly forming as it leaves, but I do not care enough about it to stop it.

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re: quirky question

I think that I would disagree with C’s definition of process or at least say that when I have been using the term as of late I have not been referring to the recognizability of a pattern within a trait, but rather the mutability of that trait.

For me the question comes down to whether or not there are any absolutes. As of late it seems like most everything that I am building my life on has a limited warranty. I cannot think of much of anything that I have certainty that it will be around in a year. For a while I was tied to the discovery process and thought that what has been the general mentor way of thinking for me, (searching perhaps?) was a constant driving the process, but that has been trailing off as of late.

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