the system

I went out today to a meeting of all the corporate people for Wellmont and I want to join the revolution.

Right now with so many people I feel like a man without an country because they seem to be leading such petty empty lives, and more than that they seem to be hell bent on dragging the world down with them. I just about was ready to give up on everything after some time over there. I just don’t get why the hell these people even bother to take another breath; I think that it is habit more than anything else at this point.

I realized yesterday that I resent the job that I have right now. I have done lots of working on clear thinking and being competent, it is something that really matters to me and that I am good at, and I am under people who are not superior to me cognitively. It is just a pain to know what is going on and watch my “superiors” flounder around. I really want to leave.

Thanks for listening to me bitch.

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