on the subject of people

I still have no faith that anyone that I know on the face of this planet has a clue what the hell I am talking about.

I am wondering how intelligent I am. I can tell that I am doing a different kind of processing than most people are, but I am not sure why. You are a point of resentment at times. I keep sending you stuff and about half the time I get the distinct impression that you don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Your replies are all nice and good, but I can see that they are directed at a person who is about three shades different than I. Not to exaggerate, much of the time you are right on the head, but sometimes you come in diagnosing things (asking questions) that are things that are immediately apparent and I think that I have expressed this fact plainly in whatever I just wrote.

Truly, I think that I am being too hard on you. I myself am far from omniscient and expecting you to be is not just.

I simply desire to be understood and honestly you are about my best bet. I’m trying in different places, but with little true success. I can usually manage to make myself understood if I go through a translations process, but I would like to communicate with someone without that intervening step.

I have some hope for more success upon returning to school. I have matured a good deal over the course of the summer, though it might not show from this letter. I just hope.


Perhaps it is simply a matter of refining my communications skills; I have just read back through what I wrote and it is not nearly as succinct as I got the impression that it was as I wrote it. Maybe I simply am a poor communicator, at least for the information that I am trying to convey.

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