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From:	TTU::WJH3957      "W.J. Holcomb -- Mr. Happy =)" 23-JUL-1998
Subj:	re: taking over the world

I have thought some about the potentials within our peer group and you are right, the capacity to enact change that we have is pretty staggering. I think that if you had a group like our that was about 5-10 years more mature (given what I am viewing as the current average rate of maturation) I think that they could work together and do a hell of a lot of stuff. Right now, I don’t think that we have the stability as individuals or as a whole to really decisively enact change, for one thing we don’t really have a common mindset or goal and by and large we are too wrapped up in ourselves to really devote ourselves to a common goal.

This actually ties back into what I was writing about yesterday when I was bitching. Actually my complain had two distinct parts and I really didn’t make that clear. What you picked up on was the second part where I was complaining that I on occasion know more than my mentors and it is frustrating. That was a small self kind of whining. I have control over what I do and I’ll get over that. The first part though was a real deep sadness coming off of a corporate meeting that I went to. When I was talking about revolution I was talking about real revolution. My friend CJ, who was copied to on that message, is a really strong political and when he is around I talk to him about what is happening in the world. He is convinced that the world is to a state where it will take a revolution in order for society to progress. I went into the meeting yesterday and all the talk was about how to control the users and how to make their behavior to conform to certain standards and how to manage the information, and I was really depressed after leaving there. I really like seeing people empowered and living their own lives and as a programmer I was planning on being in the business of enabling people to get access to resources. Now I go out here in the “real world” and find out that the business is not freeing people and making them more powerful, but binding them and making them controllable.

By the time I left the hospital I wanted to destroy the system that propagates that way of thinking. I really don’t think that the people are ready for a revolution though. CJ is convinced that if you help them to see then they will see, but I don’t think that as a whole they are ready. I think that the job now is as sowers of seeds that will never come to fruit in our lifetimes. I was thinking about this the other day; I have run into some people, some teachers especially, who have really added alot to my clarity. That is the kind of person that I would like to be. I am still giving semi-serious consideration to going into teaching. I run with my mom and I explain stuff to her and it gives me a real sense of fulfillment when she understands some complicated topic that I am explaining.

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