j: thinking

I just wanted to jot down a note about how I think and some problems that I had the other day.

N and I were in the basement of the house that I will be moving in to and we were trying to wire up some light bulbs.

We got a book on how to wire three way switches and it was set up in a way that was extremely difficult for me to work with. It just said hook the red wire to the black wire and the black wire to the switch and then hood the red wire to the white wire, and on and on like that. It said nothing about how the wiring worked or why we were doing what we were doing and I could not get a concept of how the different components worked or how they worked together, and I was nearly completely unable to do anything.

N just plunged right in and he didn’t know what he was doing either, but he just hooked like wires to like wires, and didn’t care that he didn’t understand. In the end he blew two fuses before it worked kinda right and it still isn’t completely right. I slept on it last night and I had a dream about it and I think that I understand how it works now and I think that I could wire it if I needed to.

The last time that I came up against this concept was in relation to religion where I saw people following rules that they had no reason for following other than this was how they had been told that things are done. I really didn’t like that kind of mindlessness and I am wondering if my dislike of it there could be affecting me here.

It falls into my category of an intuitive/sensing distinction and also what Pirsig talks about with technology, but I’m gonna go to bed rather than go into that now.


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