no talkin'


I am going to write a short little spiel on not talking. I plan to write more, but do not have sufficient faith in the completion of that project to count on it. So, if a full report comes in later good, if not, good.

The thing that I began to realize was that most of the things that I said were not things that needed to be said. It was just like a never ending stream of mindlessness coving up anything of importance. The meaning for me was not listening, I am not a good listener, but I also do not feel the call to change that. Not thinking does bother me, and even more than that not acting does too. I shifted the concept back a little to all the actions that are without thought, and maybe how they cover up all of the actions that are important.

I am not certain right what the basis for important action is, and even if such a thing exists outside of the basis that I define. Right now my heros are people who choose the life that they will live and remain true to it, pretty much regardless of the kind of life that they chose.

Well, I’m off.


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