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Just, Who Is This Will Holcomb, Exactly?

I have never had occasion to write a formal autobiography before, nor have I ever had any particular luck with the grammatical nuances of the English language. Please be as lenient as possible in the judgment of any transgressions on either front. Then again, this is my story, as per request, and to write it in a formal style that is someone else’s seems illogical. Thus, I will do it in my own unique way.

An autobiography is for me a very large undertaking. For some time I have held certain thoughts on the nature of human existence. I believe that we are born imbued with certain qualities which are given to us by a benevolent God. Which of those qualities are allowed to surface and how they are used is dependent on our life’s experiences. Also, I think that our personalities are shaped in a large part by our environment, but how our experiences affect us is under our control, and that we all have the capacity to act correctly and make the right decisions; even if those choices aren’t easy. Accordingly, an autobiography, whose primary purpose I take as allowing the reader with an opportunity for added familiarity with the author, for me should deal with the abstract feelings and thoughts that I had dealing with the experiences, as much as the actual experiences themselves. Since these experiences have shaped my expression of my “true self,” this is not only the story of who I was, but is also about who I am and who I will become.

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