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Eyes of Glass

Eyes of Glass

Walking through the land that is my soul
Watching it all through eyes of glass

All was calm
All was tranquil

Then came the woman
Beautiful, Talented, Intelligent

She took me down an old path
One untraveled for many years

After sundry days of blissful travel
A great wall loomed in the distance

It stood old as memory
Blotting out the unknown

Endless in every direction
Barring all passage

Engraved deep upon it
Were two hearts joined

“It Must Come Down To Go On
But There Is Much Danger Beyond”

Whispered a voice from behind
Speaking from the darkness

My unseeing trust in her
Was stronger than my fear

The careful guardian of many years
Destroyed stone by moss jacketed stone

After an unimaginable time
And an incredible effort

The wall lay scattered around my feet
Revealing a new figure in the rubble

My flesh turned from glass to fire
All the world was bright and full

There she stood
Brilliant in her birth

A tall woman clothed completely in red
With a massive black dog at her shoes

The lady was Love, the dog Void
Together always throughout time

I turned to find my companion gone
And with her Love

All that remained
Was myself and Void

That hole found deep within us all
Desperately seeking another to fill it

Without his master’s control
The powerful beast was unleashed

Void deformed and swelled
Becoming vile and grotesque

I was too weak to stop him
All hope was lost in his cry

He ravaged my glorious cities
Crumbling my crystalline palaces

Freeing Rage, Hatred, and Deceit
From their long captivity

The works of a lifetime devastated
In a hurricane of bittersweet pain

And me, with my fiery eyes
Able to feel the deepest pain

“How can we contain him?”
“What is to be done?”

My denizens cried in anguish
As God was vanquished before them

All my strength was needed to answer
The wall must be restored

Cage the beast
Wall off the pain

Skills long forgotten
Needed once again

Sadness came to fill Pain’s place
A dull melancholy filled the land

The Pleasure entrapped with Pain
False living with false emotion

“When can the wall come down again?”
“When may we be free forever?”

I do not know
Soon, I hope

The fire is quenched
Humanity is locked away

Again watching the world
Through glass eyes

Wilek Jaymes Holcombe

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